29 September 2017BOOK: …Eye for an Eye…as great as all the others…very suspenseful 

SONG: One More Hello…One More Goodbye by Kenny Rankin And along the Way, this is one of the delights and the sadnesses…it is a time when the passing through our lives of great, good and other people is something that requires as much in the embrace as in the letting go.

THOUGHT: There are two bars. One is up the hill. One is down. The dilemma is which will be the hardest work. I opt for my wine and pincho in the one at the top of the hill…I would rather be walking downward to get ‘home’ and into my bed. Tomorrow is a rest day, and so I will tour this village tomorrow. No need to stray far this evening.
In life, we like to go for an occasional re-branding.   Kelly, my delightfully funny youngest sister, has helped me to come up with one that really tweaked my interest and also made me laugh as I fleshed it out during the early parts of today’s lighter, touring walk through VillaFranca.

For starters, I caught on very quickly to pack-forwarding. For 5 Euros, I attach an envelope to my pack and address it to the Albergue I have selected as my arrival point for the day. It travels First Class with JacoTrans while I make the Second Class group, carrying my little pack with 2 liters of water and some food. As I peel off layers of clothing, they go into the pack and puff it up thru the day. There is also a foot repair kit and some rain gear.

As I was discussing this in some texting with Kelly, she suggested that I could keep on with the pack-sending part, but I could get the driver to strap me to the top of the van. This way I could experience the passing scenery and the wind in my hair thing. I thought that I could wear my scarf (sort of Isadora Duncan-ish) and my dark glasses. The primary effect of this would be the prevention of bugs on the teeth and in the eyes at the practical level.  But it also creates a sub drama of its own by appearing to disguise me. Perhaps I would be mistaken for Shirley MacClean. Kelly encouraged me to go ahead and sign autographs.  

Peter additionally suggested that I attach my watch to the rim of the hubcap so that it could still click off my steps  

We decided that I could create a new ‘handle’ and use ‘Mac’ as my code name for the Shirley MacClain fans. Kelly’s additional suggestion was to notch that up. And make that Mac-Mamma…I am keeping it.



And for the rest of the day I will wonder what my body will do with the raw bacon that came with my celebration of the day off with the American Breakfast Special at Meson de Ancares in the VillaFranca Plaza Mayor.


4 thoughts on “RE BRANDING

  1. Gretchen Federici says:

    Go Mac! Great hearing about the pack forwarding. Your writing has a lively, spirited tone here. Good to see your sass is back. 😊 Lucy loves your postcards. We have them lined up on the mantle in the dining room. I touch the shell on the door to touch base with you each day. Love you so, Grandma Kim!

  2. Sarah Kelzenberg says:

    I read your Mac-Mama story to Kelz. So very delightful in it’s imagery! Keep on keepin’ on, girl.

  3. Laurie Skillman says:

    Boom! lol…love the new brand. Not so sure about the raw bacon…

  4. Raw bacon? Two simple words to avoid that in the future : “Extra crispy”….. march on Mac-Mama!!! Love you dearly!!!

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