22 April 2017 Preparation for my Camino

BOOK: To The Field of Stars by Kevin Codd  It is a book about a 50 year old man’s walk on the Camino. I keep reading it because it mentions places I will be seeing and how he felt as he walked from one place to another. It’s a bit insipid really…but I keep on because it helps me imagine the routes a little better.

SONG: Once again, Happy Birthday, this time, to my momma. I think she would have been about 107 if she was still here in this dimension…and I am not really sure she would have been happy to have survived that many of the years we have to offer! She would definitely want to have a drink more than a cake for any celebration!!!

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: I am pretty sure I had one, but I cannot remember it at the moment!

View along my practice Camino in Tapatio Springs, Boerne, TX

So, I have begun my pretty serious approach to training for the Camino. I am on 2 Online Forums and get information and feel closer to being a real part of it, through them. My life in relation to Camino things, has sort of become, more than anything else, a set of those horrible “word-problems” they would torture me with in my Arithmetic class in elementary school (we did not know they were Mathematics classes at that time.) That sort of problem that involves 2 vehicles starting at the same point and all the issues that ensue, and on to who gets there first as the final answer. AND you must “show your work” which translates into, how did you get this answer. I submitted drawings. My teachers did not find this satisfactory and rarely was my answer right in the long run anyway. The drawings would include 2 little trucks at a starting line and then a carefully drawn route with dots and dashes and cities and mountains and ultimate arrivals designated by my reading of the information. Since I had not also yet figured out anything about miles and/or how many of them took how much time…well you can see my dilemma. Math was not my strong suit. Neither was Arithmetic. But I did have very nice handwriting. And I thought my drawings were great.

So at the end of my day, at this point in time, my Vivofit tells me how many steps I have taken and I have figured out, with some algebraic involvement, how many steps equal a mile. I use the converter to tell me how many kilometers that is. Then I refer to the Camino route planner which tells me how much the average walker (my category) needs in order to summit or descend a given day’s plan. I have struggled to lay all this out on a spread sheet. At some point, I heard myself say out loud, “What the hell are you thinking, Kim Michelle?” My mom called me by both my given names when I was in the most amount of trouble.

You go Kim Michelle!

For now, I am spacing out walk-times. Goal is: (2) 2.5- to 3.0-hour walks and one 5-hour walk per week. The alternate days have core strengthening and upper body muscle building plans in the mix. Reading through it makes me tired. Except for the training I did for the MS 150, I have never disciplined myself for exercise at any time in my life. I hate the gym. I am not a fan of doing the same thing twice much less every other day of my life for what projects to be an eternity for me at the moment. But I am on it.

Along the camino you make camino friends. Fred and Martha are my. Practice camino friends and they let me post their photo

I am sipping wine right now, with the keyboard balanced on my soft belly with my legs elevated on the sofa. And tomorrow I will get up and walk for 5 hours. And I will do the math. At the end of the day, I will know exactly where the Ibuprofen is, and that there is enough, and when I can take my next dose.

In light of that, September is just a heartbeat away. But I do love my boots!