1/31/2017:  Our First adventure in South America!

BOOK: A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Husseini.  This book and When the Moon is Low, by Nadia Hashimi, can give you a profound perspective of the lives of the real immigrants in search of asylum.  Very pertinent to our current issues.

SONG: Heaven Help Us All sung by Stevie Wonder

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: If your lifestyle keeps you from needing to know what day it is or generally, you only think of dates relative to pending doctor’s visits, you need special vigilance when making travel plans.  (See below)

Wrapping things up here in Pipe Creek – KPE is pretty well ready to take off running when we get home just a few days before Peter’s first show.  The water system, unique to our home and land, has been put into “dormant” mode to prevent internal flooding that was an unpleasant and costly condition on one of our returns. And yesterday as I chatted with Lia, getting in those last calls before take-off, she mentioned the actual date of our departure and its conflict with my chatting on and on about “leaving tomorrow.”  Spurred by the conversation, I checked the itinerary AND the calendar and sure enough, while I knew the date of departure, I had not validated the actual day within the week…and so we found that we were in actuality on the real date Jan 30, 2017.  It was also factually, Monday. Tuesday would not be the the Feb 2, even in this bizarre world, so instead of finishing with our bag stuffing and refrigerator evacuation, we had just found 2 whole extra days.  We went to see Hidden Figures, replenished the groceries and then sat on the porch listening too jazz, sipping a beer and reading more about Bogota.

We will be leaving on Thursday and in the meantime, figure out what else to do in the found time.